Recruit locally:

In all our branch offices, we recruit locally so that our first-line salespeople can work in their hometowns and customers can feel comfortable. Understanding the communities we operate in allows us to serve each client and each employee better.

Personal relationships:

For many of our semi-urban and rural customers, documentation and loans are new, and sometimes difficult, concepts. By keeping our core operations (sales, credit and collections) in the Magma family, we develop personal relationships with customers, relationships based on trust, comfort and confidence.

Experience and Youth:

Over 70% of Magmaites are below the age of 35, while nearly 5% of the family has 25 years of experience or more. Combining experience with youth, learned pragmatism with youthful exuberance, allows us to generate multi-faceted business solutions for clients and investors.



20% of our offices are urban, 34% semi-urban and 45% rural. We offer our services to anyone within a 125 km radius of a branch office, extending our reach even deeper into India’s rural heartland.


We’re always looking for new ways to become more efficient in our end-to-end loan process. New technologies are helping us institute lean, six sigma-certified processes that will improve the speed and accuracy of our services, and our young, creative team is constantly exploring attractive new loan schemes.

Security in Diversity:

Geographic and business diversity combine to insulate us against economic changes in any given region or sector. No single product contributes more than 30% of our overall income, while no single state contributes more than 13%.



For investors, customers and employees alike, we’re an open book. Within our company, we reward performance, evaluated consistently and fairly across the board. Keeping things honest keeps things simple. That’s just good business.