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Dhrubashish Bhattacharya


Dhrubashish, Harshvardhan

I joined Magma 18 years back and have been with the company since. I started out as a Management Trainee and now I head the Tractor business nationally. At Magma, excellence is noticed and rewarded continuously, thanks to a data-driven approach and regular appraisals. Career growth and the opportunity to innovate are fueled because of the decentralized decision making.

Magma is currently in a fantastic growth phase, and this presents opportunities for getting involved in incredibly exciting projects. I feel very lucky to have had the Magma experience because aside from the domain financial services knowledge, the entrepreneurial culture within the organization also gave me insight into doing business and setting up new ventures.

What's great about working here is that youngsters have access to a great knowledge pool of resources in the seniors and the freedom to present business plans, setup pilot projects and eventually foray into new products and business lines. I feel proud to explain what Magma does by simply stating our motto; we invest in the smallest dream and reach out to the vast sections of society that have been excluded by the traditional financial system.

Magma offers ample opportunities for career growth; I am looking forward to being part of the excitement here, after I'm back from B-School.


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